The Victorian Language of Flowers

Daffodil (Narcissus) – New Beginnings

The use of flowers to convey secret messages has been used in Persia and the Middle East for many years. With the publication of flower dictionaries during the Victorian Era, the tradition spread through out England and soared far and wide across the country. It soon became popular to use flowers to send secretive messages.

The Achelois collection combines the secret language of flowers with every pendant made. Every person has their favorite flower but what better way to send a message then with a preserved flower that will last forever.

At Achelois we create ethereal wildflower pendants that are Eco friendly. Each pendant is unique and has its very own story.

New Beginnings




Eco Vegan Jewellery Locally made.

Eco Vegan Jewellery locally made and completely safe and chemical free.

Here at Achelois we believe in protecting mother earth and using the natural elements to help heal ourselves. All our jewellery is made with Certified non-toxic resin, No VOCs, no BPA, no fumes. Non-flammable. Food safe and UV stabilized. Then we add beautiful flowers, shells, stones or that special memory into our jewellery to make each one – One of a kind.