Eco Vegan Jewellery Locally made.

Eco Vegan Jewellery locally made and completely safe and chemical free.

Here at Achelois we believe in protecting mother earth and using the natural elements to help heal ourselves. All our jewellery is made with Certified non-toxic resin, No VOCs, no BPA, no fumes. Non-flammable. Food safe and UV stabilized. Then we add beautiful flowers, shells, stones or that special memory into our jewellery to make each one – One of a kind.  



Special Memories

Thank you for joining me I have been making resin jewellery for a few years now and thought what better way to celebrate the release then to promote my new collection made of keepsakes, and memories. My favourite charm that wear every day is a resin leaf with a preserved flower and gold leaf. The flower is from my first holiday with my partner.